B and The McCools

So ... COVID happened, I needed to kill the time, I started a band of clones. Here are some of the videos/music I have created over the past months.

Ocean Man (Ween Cover) - The proof of concept video: I bought a mandolin during the lockdown, I had a great financing deal and was bored with guitar. I learned the one mandolin song I knew and later I looked at the bass tabs and realized I could play all the instruments. I hadn't had a video project in a while and because of all the recent Zoom meetings with their digital backgrounds gave me an idea.

El Scorcho (Weezer Cover) - I tried out a couple new ideas here. I worked off some ideas I saw in the official video and added some effects. I learned from the first video to take additional takes so cut to for slight mistakes. This song was really hard to make - the guitar parts are tedious and feel random at times. The bass part was really fun to learn. The real issue I had was with the singing - with the help from an autotune app it was able to be something I could stomach.


Bad Guy (Billie Eilish Cover) - Julie moved in to my house in March. She has been singing along with me from day one. I asked her to join me for this one. We again took a couple ideas from the official video. This one was a lot of fun to make. Pro-Tip: Watch the bassist hair, you can see it clip the mask by the guitarist. I am too lazy to go back and fix it.

I have no idea if any ever goes to my website. I have never told anyone about it really. Its just an online record of stuff I have done. In case there are people that look at this:

Though I am going to be making more of these I am not going to be posting anymore on here. If you want to see the new ones I make the best place to go is the Instagram page I made for them.