Call Me a Producer

Though I wasn't prominently featured in all these podcasts, here are some I helped develop or produce:

A podcast I produced and helped develop based on the Minnesota Vikings. The podcast was aired live and allowed for call-ins. I have no idea why anyone would want to listen to old episodes but if you did they are still up on iTunes.

A friend of mine came to me for help with a podcast about ghost hunting. I am very skeptical about their claims, actually, I think its complete bullshit. I wasn't featured on any of the episodes I just help with the production and distribution. This was a difficult podcast to run, the hosts were in Nevada and I was in Minnesota. They Skyped into my computer, I recorded it and aired it live. We had a ton of technical difficulties. These episodes are also on iTunes.

Compliant Verbiage only had a good name. This show featured Fernando, Hick and Kurtis. Most shows devolved into nonsensical rants by Kurtis. I am not sure what this show was supposed to be about. I don't think they did either because it only lasted 11 episodes. If you are so inclined the episodes still exist on iTunes.

The Beat Down Show is my only currently running podcast that I am producing. Its hosted by Chris Colton, a San Diego local, doing a show all about San Diego. This is has been by far the best produced and structured podcast that I have ever been a part of. I hope we are able to continue doing this. The episodes are available on iTunes.