Slender Loris

I used to play drums, then I moved out of my parents house and couldn't play drums in any of my various apartments I moved into. I tried, I actually yelled at my landlord and requested she apologize to me for acting rudely when confronting me for being annoying with them, but thats a different story. I eventually moved to guitar and thats when all this happened:

The Slender Loris E.P. (2003)

The first song I ever recorded was called 8082. I used Sound Recorder on a Gateway PC running Windows 95. I plugged my knock-off Gibson, Silvertone guitar directly into the sound card and used Fruity Loops for the drums. I was so surprised it even worked. The album cover is a picture of my brother playing with some toy tractors. I saw this picture in an old album and took it, I knew I would use it for something eventually. Here are a few tracks off the album.

Chandelier (2005)

Named after my favorite drinking game, Chandelier probably has my favorite songs I have done solo. The picture on the cover was taken in my car, in a liquor store parking lot with a really shitty camera phone. Its a hula girl air-freshener with an icy car window behind it. Slender Loris MD was the only song I wrote on my mandolin and all the piano parts are played on a children's toy piano, only two keys worked at a time. Tech-no-logy was the first song I wrote with lyrics, but they were never recorded, the reason, you'll see if you keep listening to whats coming up.

Fire, Smoke/Debris (2007)

In 2006 I moved to San Diego and had no friends, I played a ton of guitar. This album was by far the weirdest music I wrote, the only problem, I decided to sing. I am a terrible singer, I know this, but I tried. Often Times eventually became a Girl Shoes song in 2013 with the help of my friends Johnny Z and Adam. Cydonia was by far the best song on the album, and that is not saying much. Literally, the only thing I like about the album is its name and cover art. I had the album title picked out when I was 15, I stole a safety card from an airplane and thats where it came from. This was the last album I did myself.

I may have some more music ventures in my future, but one thing I do know is that I will probably not be singing in them. I liked writing music by myself, I could do whatever I wanted. Most songs were filled with wrong notes and poor playing, but these three albums are where I learned how to play guitar.